The SUPER IMPROVED “Master Blaster” sound effects module

This is the core of the Model SoundsTM range. The new Super Improved Master Blaster, launched in January 2015, supersedes the hugely successful original Master Blaster. We listened to your comments, and we made it smaller, lighter and simpler, but retaining the same powerful and precise sound.

The Master Blaster is a compact all-in-one amplifier and speaker combo, that measures just 30mm in diameter by 35mm high, making it small enough to fit into an OO gauge railway building, model boat or tank, or even under the stairs in your dolls' house.

The unit has an on-board rechargeable lithium battery, which gives you up to six hours of use from one charge, and takes around an hour and a half to recharge. The unit is recharged via the included USB lead, which fits any computer. So when your computer is on, simply plug the unit in to a spare USB socket and it will cost you NOTHING to recharge. Or, if you don't have a computer, we also supply chargers for the mains and your car lighter sockets as optional extras..

But here is the clever bit – using my experience as an audio engineer I have created a library of looped sound effects, of broadcast quality, and when you buy your Master Blaster I will include one of these sound files, and a MicroSD card for free! All you have to do is to take the unit out of the box, turn it on, and adjust the volume. It’s as easy as that!

Technical specifications


Master Bkaster montage

You can then order additional sound files for only £9.99 each, supplied on MicroSD, cards and swap your sounds around to suit your requirements. You could go from the sound of a busy terminus station, to a country park, a busy town street, a beach, to an engineering workshop to name but a few of the dozens of different sound files we currently have available for model railways.

Of course, when you buy two or three units, these could be placed around your railway for even greater dynamic sound effects, with a different sound file played on each one!

Model boaters have the widest choice of anyone, with diesel boats, steam boats, fishing boats, lifeboats, warships, ferries, and even a decoy duck! The “Fishing Boat” file (MS15), for example, even has seagulls following the boat to get some of the by-catch. And best of all, why hard-wire a sound unit into your boat? Just swap the unit over when each craft takes to the water!

The latest addition to our fleet (excuse the pun) is truck sounds, with a range of engine and horn noises.

Dolls' house owners are catered for too with 30 minutes of spot effects, anything from alarm clocks, ringing phones, running baths and even a toilet flush! Check out more about the sound files here.