FAQs and Trouble-shooting

We're here to answer any queries you may have about your Model SoundsTM purchases. If you can't find the answer you're looking for here, please contact us!

How big is the Master Blaster?
The Master Blaster has a diameter of 50mm (2.0") and its height is 60mm (2.4"). The blue Super Improved model, which we sold from January 2015 until March 2016, is a bit smaller. Its diameter is 30mm (1.2") and height 35mm (1.4").

3 watts of power sounds a bit pants. Is it?
It’s not. Many companies will quote the power as total music power (TMP), but proper HiFi manufacturers always quote power in RMS (Root Mean Square). Although the number seems lower, the power is greater. I have a 12 watt (RMS) valve amplifier that will blow the socks off a 400 watt TMP amplifer. If in doubt, buy a Master Blaster and try it. If you don’t like it, we will refund your money, less your P&P costs!

Is the Master Blaster waterproof?
No, it is not designed to be left outside. Exposure to water will void your warranty.

Can I load more than one sound file on the unit?
Yes you can. In fact the MicroSD card will swallow a lot of MP3 files. However, if you do this, the unit will play all the separate files in the order they appear on the card. It will loop from the first to the last file, then start playing from the top again. This is why we recommend only using using one sound file on the card so you can loop the effects seamlessly.
Imagine if we sold you MS20 (small steam loco) on the same card as MS10 (farmyard). Your loco would get half way down the track and then turn into a chicken!

What is the average battery life on a single charge?
Around one and a half to two hours.

How long does the unit take to fully recharge from flat?
Between one and two hours on the USB charger. If you buy a mains charger, you'll find that's a bit quicker at just under an hour.

Will I damage the batteries giving the unit a partial charge?
No, you won’t as the lithium battery in this unit has no “memory effect” unlike cheaper nickel cadmium (NiCad) batteries.

What do all the buttons do?
There is a full list on our specifications page. The main ones you will use are the volume controls (hold them down rather than just pressing them once as these buttons double as the skip forward and skip back controls), and the on-off switch. The Master Blaster is extremely simple to use.

What is porting?
Please see our “techie stuff” page.

Can I copy your sound files and give them to my mates or put them on a file-sharing website?
We would rather you didn't. Whilst the effects library is in the public domain, my audio multi-track editing skills are not and I am sure you would not appreciate a visit from the boys in blue!

After a few hours of playing, the sound becomes distorted. Why is this?
This is an indication that the on-board battery is running low and cannot output the voltage required to drive the amplifier. You should turn the unit off and recharge it fully.

Can I control the Master Blaster remotely, and does the sound alter with the speed of the engine??
Let's deal with the latter point first. The answer to that is a resounding no. This unit is not designed to work with a receiver or transmitter - quite the reverse. It is a simple on/off portable unit that has or needs no connection between itself and your models. This makes the Master Blaster a totally portable stand-alone device. If you want a proportional device then we would recommend you take a look at the ACTion Electronics range of proportional sound units. We highly rate them.
As to the first point, we have heard of customers who have used a receiver servo and accentuator arm to "brush past" the start/stop switch, effectively turning the device on and off remotely. If you have done it, why not email us your method, and we can share it with other Master Blaster users on our tips and tricks page?