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Introducing the Model SoundsTM Master Blaster...

... the unfeasibly small portable amp and speaker combo designed to give 100% authentic AUTO-LOOPING sound effects wherever you want them – ideal for model railways, boats, trucks – even dolls' houses. At only 60mm tall and 50mm in diameter, the Master Blaster really punches above its size!


Unlike other more expensive sound units, you don’t need an engineering degree to work it. It is plug ‘n’ play and there is no wiring or soldering to do either. Just turn the Master Blaster on and it starts to play!

Check out our sound samples now – you get ONE sound file of your choice FREE with your Model SoundsTM Master Blaster sound unit!

We are delighted to be working closely now with Model Sounds Inc. of Canada. This business makes some fantastically realistic sounds for the model aircraft, helicopter, boat and tank fraternity. They really have to be heard to be believed. Imagine the sounds of a real piston engine screaming overhead as your model aircraft overflies the field. Well that's what you will get with Model Sounds Inc.

Their units, as well as being realistic sounds of the prototype are proportional too, so as you increase the revs on the engine via your transmitter, the sounds increase likewise. It really is just like the real thing. Whilst our two businesses have no legal or financial connection we have a collective respect for each other's products and see great value in supporting each other's ventures. We hope to have a sample unit from them soon and will update you when we have this installed. In the meantime please take a look at You won't believe your ears!


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