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Introducing the SUPER IMPROVED Model SoundsTM Master Blaster...

... the unfeasibly small portable amp and speaker combo designed to give 100% authentic AUTO-LOOPING sound effects wherever you want them – ideal for model railways, boats, trucks – even dolls' houses. At only 35mm tall and 30mm in diameter, the Master Blaster punches above its size like never before!! This model supersedes our original Master Blaster.

Unlike other more expensive sound units, you don’t need an engineering degree to work it. It is plug ‘n’ play and there is no wiring or soldering to do either. Just turn the Master Blaster on and it starts to play!


We have listened to you!
We had the privilege of launching the Master Blaster sound unit in July 2012, and whilst the unit was well-received, there have been some suggestions which we have taken on board.

Make it smaller
Sound needs to move air to be heard, but in the last 2 ½ years everything becomes smaller – and now we can present to you what we believe is the smallest MP3 player on the planet. It has shrunk considerably by over 2/3rds in fact!

Make it lighter
Yes – it’s lighter too and we have shaved off over half its weight reducing it from 125 grams to a lightweight 50 grams, invaluable when installing in an R/C boat or aircraft as we do not want to affect the model’s centre of gravity.

Make the battery last longer
OK – done – the original Master Blaster would take 2 hours to charge from a PC or Mac (1 hour with our mains charger available separately) and would play for 2-3 hours from one charge. The Master Blaster Super Improved will now play for 4-6 hours between charges, depending on the volume level you are using.

Make the MicroSD card a better fit
Sorted! Yes it was just possible to miss the MicroSD card slot on version one of the unit, but now we have tightened the gap on the slot. This does however mean you will need strong nails or a small flat-headed screwdriver to locate and “click” the card into position, but it is a much more secure fit.

The blue flashing light on the base of the unit is too obtrusive
We have reduced the size of the LED. You still need to see it to understand when it is playing (flashing blue) and when it is charging (static red). Whilst you can still see the state of the unit the flashing light won’t look like a dawn raid!

Too many buttons
We agree! Indeed there are only four buttons located on the base of the unit for easy and simple use. Turn the power on by holding the “PLAY” button down for 2 or 3 seconds, and the unit will start to play. Simply adjust the volume to suit and you’re done! Of course the unit auto-loops the sound for continuous play like version one.

So we hope you agree these improvements will not only make it easier for you to get great sounds from the new Master Blaster Super Improved, but most importantly will allow you to “keep making the right noises” into 2015!


Check out our sound samples now – you get ONE sound file of your choice FREE with your Model SoundsTM Master Blaster sound unit!


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