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Introducing the Model SoundsTM Master Blaster...

... the unfeasibly small portable amp and speaker combo designed to give 100% authentic AUTO-LOOPING sound effects wherever you want them – ideal for model railways, boats, trucks – even dolls' houses. At only 60mm tall and 50mm in diameter, the Master Blaster punches above its size and is now better than ever!!

Unlike other more expensive sound units, you don’t need an engineering degree to work it. It is plug ‘n’ play and there is no wiring or soldering to do either. Just turn the Master Blaster on and it starts to play!


As you may know, we have had stock issues with the Master Blaster Super Improved Unit. With regret we have been unable to resolve our issues with the supplier, but we are still keen to offer the intrepid modeller with an "on-price, on-target" sound solution.

We have therefore made the decision, to revert to our original unit, which we launched successfully in 2012, but we have also taken this opportunity to give the original "Master Blaster" a bit of a makeover too! We have made the unit simpler, more user-friendly, and most importantly, address the positioning of the MicroSD card slot.

Better card slot
On the original unit, it was (just) possible to miss the slot between the card reader and the chassis of the unit - this has now been fixed. Also, we have added the bonus of a USB socket, so if space is not a problem, or you wanted to use this as an MP3 player, you can play sound files via your own USB pen drive.

Simpler controls
Finally, we have simplified the button arrangement on the front of the unit - reducing the number of buttons from five to three - and dispensing with the tone control  equaliser circuit, which really adds nothing to the unit's overall sound quality.

Familiar size and shape
Yes this unit is slightly bigger than the blue-coloured"Super Improved" unit, but still packs a punch in terms of sound quality and value for money.Some clients actually preferred the buttons on the front of this unit to the rocker switch circular array on the blue unit. Sticking with a tried and trusted unit, will enable us to continue to provide competitively priced, great quality sound effects for the keen modeller for many years to come.

So we hope you like the features of the new-look Master Blaster, and will “keep making the right noises” throughout 2016 and beyond!


Check out our sound samples now – you get ONE sound file of your choice FREE with your Model SoundsTM Master Blaster sound unit!


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